The Project

Ok, so what did we do?

1. The questions

  • We went through the topics discussed in class and came up with questions to survey the campus's views on creativity.
    • Define creativity.
    • The Nine Dots problem.
      • What is your creative process? (A)
      • Can you increase creativity? Why or why not? (B)
      • Describe the ideal work environment which is most conducive to creativity. (C)
      • Are groups conducive to creative thinking? Why or why not? (D)

2. The plates

  • On each plate we asked…
    • Define creativity.
    • One question, either A, B, C, or D.
    • Nine dots problem on the back
    • We distributed the 30 plates to freshmen across campus and asked individuals to answer.
    • Recollected the plates (29 of them)

3. The Installation

  • We attached each plate to a balloon and set up in
    • For a demonstration, we brought some of the balloons to class.
    • For our final installation, we used ribbon to tie the plates to the fence between the underpass and the sidewalk which runs along Forsyth. Our plan changed slightly from it's original plan because it was too windy for balloons. They kept blowing away. Below are pictures of our installation.




Our experience- the installation
We installed our piece Wednesday night after class. Shortly after making it to the underpass, we gave up on the balloon idea. The balloons had deflated to the point that they couldn't hold up the plates- requiring us to purchase more balloons. Also, it was too windy. There was nothing for us to anchor the balloons to. In a quick decision, we decided to use the ribbon from the balloons to hang the plates along the fence railing. The whole process only took about 20minutes, however it was so cold that both Derek and I lost feeling in our hands. Each plate became harder to tie, because movement was becoming limited. Several students walked by during the installation, however none of them bothered to even ask what we were doing. This could, in part, be due to the fact that we were on a University campus where fliers and posters go up all the time. This could also be due to the fact that it was 11:30pm on a week night of the last week of classes- slightly stressful. All in all it was a good experience. I had fun doing it, and hopefully at least a few students enjoyed reading the messages.

Why we did this…there was a reason, right?
This was not our original project idea. Initially our installation was going to be a sidewalk illustration of a children's storybook. However, we were unable to tie the project to course readings and the weather was too unstable to risk. Other factors were legality. We didn't want to come up with a damaging project or one that was offensive. The point of the project was to demonstrate an understanding of creativity through the use of guerilla art. Derek and I figured that hearing our opinions of creativity would be boring- the class heard our opinions all semester. Instead, we wanted to study wider patterns and see what the campus as a whole thought about creativity. Therefore, we sampled the population and posted their responses. If we were to do this project again, it would be cool to survey more students in order to have enough responses to spread them across the whole campus (perhaps next year as a class project).

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