Our Creative Process

This is the Thinkubator…the solution to all your creative difficulties!!! Convinced…?


Unfortunately, the Thinkubator is not a reliable way to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas. Instead, we followed the principles learned in class.

1. Innovation emerges over time- each person contributes. No one person is responsible.

* Began by brainstorming independently
* Thought and researched over Thanksgiving break

2. We came back and shared our ideas. Focus on hearing what the other person is saying.
3. The result was that we were able to build upon each other's ideas.

* Got together and compared ideas and research
* Weeded out the weaker parts
* 1st ideas failed due to weather conditions and ability to relate to course material

4. Eventually we came to a solution which combined the best elements from both of our ideas.

* Our ideas combined and a project idea began to emerge.
* Like IDEO, combined bits and pieces from ideas that we liked and worked to put those into a successful project idea
* End result, is a project with a better design that we would have been able to come up with independently.

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